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She realizes she has the wrong door one second too late, looks up to see that what was supposed to be a two is actually a one right after her knuckles hit the door for the third time.

And before she can think to run, the door is being opened, and her mouth goes dry because no, no, this can’t be happening. She couldn’t have accidentally knocked on her favorite author’s door.

"Hello?" he says before noticing her attire, the navy blue of her police uniform, the hat on her head, and his eyes go wide before a smile comes across his face. "What can I do for New York’s…finest?” 

She swallows, swears to herself that she imaged the tone of voice he used when he asked.

"Uh… Sorry, Mr. Castle. Wrong door," she answers, forcing herself to stay calm, forcing her voice to stay steady.

"Mr. Castle?" he echoes suddenly. She mentally slaps herself for the use of his name. "Do I have a fan, officer—" he cranes his neck exaggeratedly as he looks at the tag pinned to her shirt "—Beckett?"

"That is irrelevant, Mr. Castle. I am on duty," she replies, holding up the page with information on the witness she’s supposed to be picking up to make her point.

"I know." He smiles, and it’s just a little too charming for her taste, and she really should get going. "But, beautiful girl like you, fan of my books, knocks on my door by mistake, sounds like fate to me."

"I don’t believe it fate," she answers automatically, even though it’s the truth. This was just some stupid accident, and he just so happened to live here.

"I could make you believe in it," he suggests. "How about I take you out to dinner sometime?"

No. No. Nope, this can’t be happening. Richard Castle did not just ask her to dinner.

"That would be extremely unprofessional of me, Mr. Castle, and you know that," she answers.

"So, I’ll take that as a yes."

She rolls her eyes before turning and leaving.

But that doesn’t stop her from dressing up and going to his book signing a week later.

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everlark 49 :)

Getting this internship at Mellark’s bakery, she decides, was probably for the worst.

It seemed like a good idea at first, a really good idea. It was fairly easy to get the job, an internship with minimal requirements because it’s exactly that, an internship. And she, surprisingly enough gets paid rather well, which will help with Prim’s medical school tuition.

But this is still bad. Really bad. Because somehow, even in the midst of applying and getting the job, she completely forgot that the new CEO of Mellark Bakery is Peeta Mellark. And she hates Peeta Mellark.

Peeta was that popular kid in school, charming, nice, athletic, handsome—well, that’s what everyone said, even though she never thought so, nope, never—and always had all the girls hanging off him. He was captain of the wrestling team in both junior and senior year, and was the kind of guy that never shot a girl like her a second glance.

Yes, she hates Peeta Mellark, even though it’s been years since they graduated. 

But today, today he walked into the bakery and everyone froze before going back to work twice as hard. And she had just stood there like an idiot, confused and without an actual job to do at the moment, until he smiled and pulled her aside.

And here she is, standing in the usually vacant office that belongs to Peeta.

"Katniss Everdeen. Never thought I’d see you working in my bakery," he says, that charming smile coming across his face and no, nope, still not handsome.

"I was interested, Pe- Sir," she says, her words sharp because that is a total lie, and the way he looks at her tells her he knows.

"You don’t have to lie to me. I know you needed the money. Besides, I came here to see you," he says, taking a step closer to her. Her cheeks burn with her blush. "I make a habit of meeting all new employees, including interns."

"Well, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to, uh, meet me…?" It comes out as more of a question than a true thank you, but he smiles anyway. "But I really should… I think Annie needed me to do something," she adds, motioning to the door, hoping that will get her out of this.

"Of course. I always knew you would be a dedicated employee," he leans in closer, so his mouth is right next to her ear. She fights the urge to pull away completely.

"That’s why I requested they hire you."

Castle 7x01 Thoughts

So, I am admittedly not one of the hardest fans to please, but here are my thoughts on 7x01:

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Summary: After seeing her fiance’s car afire in a ditch, Kate is determined to bring him home, no matter what it takes. However, with her lead suspect being a serial killer who has a history of watching her and the circumstances keeping her off the field, she must depend on her friends, her boss and their leads, her only chance to bring Castle back.

Chapter 14

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Do you think a certain part of this fandom puts KB on too high a pedestal which is almost unhealthy? Someone mentions her flaws and it causes a drama storm. Lots of double standards too when it comes to comparing her. Honestly I'm kinda put off by people who think she is perfect. She makes mistakes, she has flaws, as do all humans. But she does have the good intentions. THAT'S why I admire her and LOVE her. Not because she is some sort of a super hero apparently. Its a sad trend in this fandom.
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Oh my God, absolutely. I’ll even take it a step further and say that a portion of this fandom cannot separate Kate Beckett and Stana Katic and their fondness/love for one makes them feel that way towards the other. 

But yeah, you point out a flaw (even if another character does it) and there is this crazy rally to defend her perfection. I’ve been a fan of other shows that have had that as well, and I didn’t get it then. Still dont because who wants to watch someone be perfect all the time? Its boring television. The interesting thing comes from watching characters struggle, grow and adapt. I mean imagine Castle without any conflict, what the hell would the show be then? Two people making love eyeballs at one another. That’s freaking boring though, honestly, I know a ton of people who would think it was great until it didn’t end it Castle and Beckett writhing naked on a bed somewhere and then they’d complain about the lack of sex. 

But I’m with you, I admire Beckett as a character because of her flaws and her growth over six years. She’s been fantastically written and equally as wonderfully portrayed by Stana. Give me all the flaws, I like a character with some dimension! 


Stana Katic: a summary

if castle were a sitcom…