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Prompt from Clarkson124 on fanfiction: In 6x04, Beckett is pregnant and before Rick goes into the dentist building he kisses Kate and her belly. This is for my 400 followers here on tumblr. Thank you all, so much! 

"Listen, I’m kinda looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you, so don’t do anything stupid in there, okay?" she says, adjusting his vest, gaze traveling the world surrounding them, falling onto anything but his eyes.

Because he knows, if they were alone, in the privacy of their own home, or really, anywhere but surrounded by the people that were her co-workers only a few months ago, she wouldn’t be telling him she’s looking forward to spending the rest of her life with him, but that he now has a baby to be there for, to help her raise, to love.

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Do you know any fics where Alexis is also Kate's kid?
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I don’t know any sorry, but if anyone does let me know!

There’s a few prompt fills in Prompt Me Anything that follow this:
prompt 51: daughter

And then there’s the ‘Lovers’ Universe (also all in PMA, for now):
prompt 30: lover boy
prompt 33: the lovers
prompt 53: beating ‘Team Lovers’
prompt 63: I though I lost my lover
prompt 46: Lover, Cops & Robbers
prompt 69: lets buy you a dress

I’m also (self-promoting ahead) writing a prequel to all those that explores the beginning of Caskett’s relationship in the ‘Lovers’ Universe as well as her pregnancy with Alexis. So, yeah… there will be that, soon enough.

Summary: After seeing her fiance’s car afire in a ditch, Kate is determined to bring him home, no matter what it takes. However, with her lead suspect being a serial killer who has a history of watching her and the circumstances keeping her off the field, she must depend on her friends, her boss and their leads, her only chance to bring Castle back.

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Happy 24th birthday, Jennifer Lawrence!
(mockingjay -  24) ( catching fire - 23) (the hunger games -  22) (josh)


On August 15, 1990, perfection was born. Happy 24th Birthday, Jennifer Lawrence!

We love you!